Billboard Music Awards trophy in front of machined plaques

It starts with a call. New clients find us when they are in the market for a custom award. That’s because Society Awards designs and crafts most of the world’s prestigious and televised awards. Those are the awards with the greatest public awareness, although we create awards for any and every industry. Our credentials alone push us to the top of search engine results naturally.

Typically, our customers have little to no product knowledge. That would be considered a challenge to almost anyone, but it’s actually entirely to our benefit. We are experts in the process and our clients trust us to deliver with as little effort on their part as they wish – although some choose to be more involved. Many people will call in and say simply they want their own brand’s version of the Emmy. What they really want is to have something iconic to their own brand. It’s our job to determine the underlying desires of the client so that they end up with a trophy they didn’t even realize could so perfectly fit their brand. Our concierge staff delves deep during initial design calls. Once we have formally agreed to work together, the design process can begin.

Grammy Advocacy award in polished metal

Much of the process is proprietary, but essentially it’s a matter of understanding the many facets of what a client wants – including a lot that they might not fully understand themselves yet – and guiding that through a tightly controlled series of steps. The setting, the industry, the recipients – all of this factors into creating an award perfectly suited to the client’s event. If you want a trophy for a televised awards show, that’s going to be a different process and result than if you’re presenting at a corporate event or online creative competition. Knowing how to incorporate these factors to make the ideal award is at the heart of what makes Society Awards – our proprietary expertise. It’s a creative business, but productive creativity requires a degree of rigid structure. Our clients are hugely popular televised programs, Fortune 500 companies and renowned artists, and we don’t expect them to be experts in awards. They want the best awards and they want them without drama.

It comes down to two things: first, maintaining an incredible standard of service such that customers are confident in the process, and second industry-leading quality and manufacturing standards that leave every customer and honoree delighted. That is the experience that every customer can expect from Society Awards.

YouTube Diamond Play Button trophy and unpolished machined forms

Some clients don’t even need or want their existing trophy design to change. For them, we are able to deliver a better version of what they have. Even a seemingly simple project is elevated beyond expectations in when entrusted to Society Awards. We do the research to make sure details are true to life when needed, and artfully inspired when in the abstract. Clients are able to intimately know the design before production thanks to advanced 3D renderings. We make trophies into their best versions, we make icons.

Begin your custom awards project today, reach a Society Awards concierge at (646) 290-7448