Limitless products in every material - metal, crystal, glass, wood, acrylic, resin, marble, stone, leather...

Trophies, Acrylic Embedment, Plaques, Framed Certificates, Medals

We can design your product from the ground up to serve any purpose. Call or email to get started and we'll walk you through everything.

From one piece to thousands in wood, metal, crystal, ceramic, resin or any material, we can make it happen for you. We can do all the processes you may have heard of - 3D etching in crystal, acrylic embedments, PMS matched custom acrylic, diecasting stamping, striking medallions, etching, electroplating - and we'll be happy to suggest and explain processes you haven't heard of as well.

What are you looking for? Know what you want? We can do anything. It's ok if you don't know, that's why we're here.
Contact us.
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