Award Example

Welcome to the D.I.C.E. Awards storefront, operated by Society Awards. By request of the Academy, we have made additional trophies, certificates, and related accessories available for purchase to authorized winners and finalists.

Each trophy and certificate is an exact duplicate of the original, as strictly authorized by the Academy. Adjustments, including but not limited to text and images, are absolutely prohibited. All trophies and certificates will be selectable by year and will be listed by category and title. To see the exact text for each year and category, please visit


The Academy maintains a comprehensive record of all award winners from past Award ceremonies. If you are interested in purchasing Award trophies for award years prior to 2004, please submit your inquiry to Terrence Myers.


All trophies and certificates are handmade, so please expect 4-6 weeks for production. Thank you for visiting and congratulations on your achievements.